People who care and a place to prosper.

We’re passionate about making a positive difference to student’s lives and minimising our impact on the planet. To do that, we work hard to attract and retain colleagues who share our values and our desire to innovate.

Inclusive schoolwear starts with having an inclusive culture. Our dedicated People & Culture and leadership teams ensure everyone at Banner is recognised and valued for what they bring to the company. Whatever their role, everyone can make a difference and everyone has a part to play.

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Our people.

We’re a people-focused business and our values are at the core of what we do. They not only reflect who we are currently, but also how we want to positively shape our culture going forward.

We invest in our people from day one. Their passion and talent is integral for driving our business to progress and grow, so it’s our responsibility to support them to progress and grow with it.

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Our culture.

We believe work should be rewarding, making the most of our talents to enhance both the business and our lives. In working together, we’re bonded by a mutual commitment to our collective wellbeing, our workplace values and the sustainable success of the company.

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experience vision.


All colleagues should feel at home in the workplace, able to give the best of themselves, finding purpose in what they do and the difference they make.

We believe that we work best when we support each other, embracing challenges and continually improving.


Colleagues are trusted to make decisions, taking ownership of their role and responsibilities for the benefit of the business.

We believe that everyone’s voice should be heard and that diversity and difference makes us stronger, widening our perspectives and improving overall performance.


Every colleague should have the opportunity to fulfil their potential, growing as individuals and in their careers during their time with Banner.

We believe the success of the company and its people are intertwined and that we should be there for each other in the moments that matter.

Equality & Inclusion.

Our ambition is to create an environment that embraces Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI) by enabling, educating and supporting our internal and external stakeholders, resulting in new opportunities for everyone in society.

We achieve this by developing and implementing realistic DEI strategies and policies together so that they make a real difference, as well as training our colleagues on DEI in order to apply it in their day-to-day working lives.

Our values.

We live by five values, SMILE for short, that support our ambition and guide us on our journey. Together, they help to make Banner the best company to work for in the industry.


Service is everything.

  • Earn our customers’ loyalty and trust.
  • Go the extra mile to deliver.
  • Take pride in playing your part.

Make the right calls.

  • Treat others as we’d like to be treated.
  • Speak up – and listen – when things aren’t right.
  • Do our bit for society and for the environment.

In it together.

  • Work as one team, wherever we are.
  • Ask for support and give it freely.
  • Pull together when we’re under pressure.

No limits.

  • Keep raising the bar.
  • Step out of your comfort zone.
  • Try new things.

Positive energy.

  • Bring our best selves to work.
  • Focus on the upside.
  • Take the job seriously, but have fun too.

Our quarterly SMILE Awards recognise and reward those who consistently demonstrate and live the Banner values.

Giving back.

Our people drive our ‘in it together’ mentality and are always getting involved with charity fundraising and community initiatives across the business. We encourage all our colleagues to take one paid day off work a year to volunteer at a charity or organisation of their choice as part of our Gift of Time initiative. Those that are passionate about mental health can even train to become Mental Health First Aiders, providing support to colleagues who might need it.

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Interested in working at banner?

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