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Value for

Parents want to know their children’s uniform and sportswear will last until they grow out of it, providing exceptional value for money. Our products are independently tested on their durability, with ranges at a price point for every budget to give schools unrivalled choice to select the right products for their parents and pupils.

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We know finding the right uniform and sportswear for your school isn’t always easy. There’s a lot to consider, from meeting your students’ diverse needs through comfort and fit to thinking about cost, choice and how the garments have been made in terms of their impact on people and the planet. Thankfully, choosing Banner takes care of it all, giving you total peace of mind that your schoolwear is truly best in class.

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The biggest sustainable range.

Like us, we know sustainability is a key concern for your school. By wearing our more sustainable uniform and sportswear ranges, students are helping to build a greener and fairer future just by turning up to school.

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Ethically and responsibly sourced

We believe we have one of the most sustainable and ethically-sourced supply chain in our industry and the accreditations to match, so you can rest assured that your schoolwear is made responsibly.

Broadest value-for-money range.

We know what it takes to supply uniform and sportswear for every budget without compromising on quality, which is why we offer the biggest and broadest value-for-money range.

Durable and built to last.

There’s nothing worse than schoolwear that falls apart after a few washes, so we ensure all our products are designed and built to last with independent testing to guarantee long-lasting durability.

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Banner and local retailers working together to support schools.

Local retailers know schools inside out and we supply more than anyone else on the market to ensure you can get hold of the best uniform and sportswear for your students whenever you need it. Our long-standing relationship with retailers means you get the best schoolwear knowledge and guidance backed by the biggest supplier in the industry, offering the broadest, value-for-money range of durable uniform and sportswear with sustainability and ethics right at its core.


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